Boreal Forest, Plains, Prairie Exhibit
Joseph Emmanuel Ingoldsby

This installation creates a transition of landscapes through which winged, hoofed, pawed and scaled animals migrate. On the windowed side of the gallery, the wetlands, prairies, plains and boreal forests are illustrated using representational landscapes printed on film upon the window glass. Above, suspended from the ceiling are laminated silhouettes of whooping cranes and eagles in flight with representations of the wolf, American bison and massasauga rattlesnake throughout the gallery. A stampede of Bison would be projected on the far wall. Panels would represent the fragmentation and loss of landscapes and species.
Biologists state that 98% of the plains and prairies landscapes are gone since the settlement of the country. 50% of the wetlands are gone and all of the original forests, east of the Rockies have been cut. This exhibit highlights the issues. A talk charts positive steps toward the reclamation of biodiversity.

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